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PD.615WG Product Enhancement Notice

Precision Devices PD.615WG/2 

Precision Devices would like to inform you of an enhancement to our PD.615WG, 6.5-inch, mid-range pro audio loudspeaker. The current PD.615WG will be discontinued and superseded by the PD.615WG/2 with immediate effect.

Designed to deliver high-fidelity, sound reproduction and smooth frequency response in the mid / upper-mid range frequency bands. The PD.615WG/2 is suitable for use in a variety of enclosure designs in combination with a custom designed waveguide, the sealed chassis frame means there is no need for an isolation chamber within the main enclosure. The driver features a 1.5-inch copper voice coil, 140 W(AES) power handling, 100dB sensitivity and a frequency response of 800Hz - 8kHz.

Modifications have been made to the chassis construction and design of the PD.615WG/2. This has resulted in a change to the mounting PCD from 180 mm to 183mm, the chassis flange height has also increased by 0.5 mm and the fixing hole positions have now moved from a central point along the chassis 'flats' to the apex where two flats meet.

Should you have any questions about the PD.615WG/2 or any of our other products, please contact one of our sales representatives for further information and pricing.


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