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Exekut Acoustics Introduce PD loaded Kaya Full Stack

Exekut Acoustics SPDN.215 Precision devices

Earlier this year Paris based manufacturer Exekut Acoustics approached Precision Devices after they had seen our anniversary Solidus models with gold painted chassis. They wanted to know if we could provide them with custom PDN.2151’s painted in their own colours to provide striking looks as well as sound in their hand made Kaya Full Stack V2 sound system. Thanks to our low volume manufacturing capabilities we were of course happy to oblige.

“We are very pleased with the custom SPDN.2151 loudspeakers you made for us, the glossy finish is beautiful and the sound quality is true to your reputation. We are proud that Precision Devices are used in 90% of our new system the Kaya Full Stack V2, the sound reproduction is faithful while giving us the sound pressure we need” - Exekut Acoustics

The team from Exekut recently sent us some pictures of the speakers once they’d been loaded into their cabs, check them out below. We think they look pretty slick, great job guys!

The Kaya Full Stack V2 is composed of;

x4 - Sub Kaya MK221V2’s equipped with 8 Precision Devices SPDN.2151 custom drivers.
x6 - Kaya Kick MK215V4’s equipped with 12 Precision Devices PD.1550.
x8 - Kayla Full Top 12XV2’s equipped with Precision Devices PD.121 and 8 other high frequency drivers.
x2 - Flying Boards.
x1 - Kaya Aura AMP RACK.



For more information on Exekut Acoustics visit their Facebook page here

If you would like more information on what bespoke manufacturing services we can provide for you please contact our sales team by email to







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