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Precision Devices gain Investors in People accreditation

In January 2014, Precision Devices (PD) received notification that we have achieved Investors in People (IIP) status. The 'premier' people management award is granted for the way we have transformed business performance through the support and motivation of our teams. The award identifies PD’s continued focus on providing excellent service through the recruitment, development and support of talented and motivated individuals that are able to build mutually beneficial and lasting relationships with the business as well as customers.

Head of Operations, Michael Hancock says "IIP have not only been interviewing senior management, but have also spoken in-depth with a representational cross-section of our employees, probing in to the heart of the business to be absolutely sure that we genuinely do the things we say. We really wanted to get an objective and honest view from our team to ensure that the assessment was a true reflection of their opinion of the business, which is why we were so keen to emphasise that the surveys and interviews were in strictest confidence. The award is a testament to our people and our managers and the way they work which is supported by sustained investment in skills and development."

IIP has provided PD with a structured way to analyse and advance the work we do through employee engagement. It has helped us to foster a strong teamwork ethic through which our staff have a strong desire to be the best at what they do and individuals recognise how much value they add to the business. We have seen a number of benefits, including a clearer understanding of company objectives across the company, improved workplace culture, increased business performance and customer satisfaction levels.

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Precision Devices, has been working hard to ensure that the developing situation in the UK and around the world will have as little impact to our customers as possible. We have good levels of stock and a strong supply chain in place so that we can continue to provide fast, accurate leads times for our customers where possible.
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